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The role of design in the development of interactive product service system for the next generation of asthma treatment. The SOFI case.

isbn 978 88 6493 031 2
language Inglese; Inglese
type Contributi in atti di convegno
volume Design and semantics of form and movement. DeSForM 2015 Aesthetics of interaction: Dynamic, Multisensory, Wise
convegno DeSForM 2015 Aesthetics of interaction: Dynamic, Multisensory, Wise
authors Arquilla, Venanzio
Year 2015
pages 6


This paper reflects on the role of design in the development of SOFI, a new product service system for the management of Asthma. Starting from the idea of humanization of technology this project presents an original approach that goes beyond the traditional co-design method where the innovative qualities of the project arise from a process of introspective analysis that sees the researcher as having the dual role of both designer and user, demonstrating an empathic and evolved design approach. This paper shows how starting from a direct knowledge of the topic, deepened by the scientific literature and the interaction with specialists and researchers, the design can, in a contemporary way, create technology based products [1], and services [2] that have a higher standard quality and that build desirable and emotional elements for people [3][4] producing an advanced and smart narrative ecosystem [5].
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Marita Canina,  Paola Checchi, Alberto Colorni, Annalinda De Rosa, Giulia Gerosa, Ilaria Mariani, Francesca Piredda, Lucia Rampino, Anne Schoonbrodt, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Lia Tagliavini

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